Monopolize debt reunification in Spain

Good Finance, an entity with which Futur Finances works on the reunification of debts, has remained the only entity specialized in mortgages for debt grouping in Spain.

The Honest Bank Group informed all its agents that it stopped accepting operations of this type. Without any additional explanation.

This news has echoed 20 Minutes, in a content of Good Lender entitled ” In the midst of crisis, there is only one entity specialized in reunifying debts .”

From 4 to 1 entity that reunites debts


If this option does not come to fruition, it is time to go to specialized financial institutions , either directly or through professional mortgage intermediaries. Financial institutions specialized in reunifying debts and loans offer more expensive mortgages, since the risk of default of this type of clients is higher.
Until a few years ago one could go to a number of specialized financial entities.

In the last stage only Honest Bank and Good Finance remained. And a few days ago Honest Bank has informed its agents that it stops accepting debt unification operations.

A popular saying is made clear that ” the bank leaves money to those who do not need it .” When it is more necessary to have entities that offer debt reunifications, they disappear from the market.

Good Finance also grants purchase and sale mortgages

This entity, in addition to unifying debts, continues to offer mortgages to buy a home, whose current characteristics are, for the best customer segment:

  • Between 70 and 80% of appraisal, according to customer profile.
  • No need to provide savings or guarantees, in principle.
  • 40% debt ratio.
  • Opening fee of 2.99%.
  • It has several types of quotas, variable or mixed. The mixed costs a fixed 5.50% for the first 5 years and, as of this period, becomes variable to Financial Standing + 2.50%.

Expensive mortgage


It is an expensive mortgage, but given the market situation, it should not be ruled out either, since 100% more expenses could be financed if the appraisal were high in relation to the purchase price.

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