Tips for Saving Money in Your Everyday Life

The desire to save where you can save is probably common to most. However, few people actually make the small changes that can make your everyday life more economical. Here are four tips and tricks on how to save money in your everyday life without requiring a lot from you.

Freeze your leftovers

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Especially as students and / or living alone, avoiding food waste can be a challenge. Cooking hot food for one is not easy, since you often buy a lot of groceries, which you only use half before they go into decay.

Instead of making a single portion at a time, quadruple the portion. Freeze the leftovers in buckets with a single serving in each. There are many benefits to be gained by making larger portions at a time, as well as using its freezer.

First of all, you save a lot of time cooking, since it takes a lot less time to heat a portion of leftovers, rather than making a new one from scratch. Next, you help fight food waste and protect the environment. The huge bonus can be seen in your account, as you will also save a lot of money when your raw materials are used rub and stump.

Use the supermarkets’ apps

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The big well-known supermarkets such as Rema 1000, Netto, Kvickly and the like have all created an app that can help you save money. Virtually all apps have similar features, so just download your local supermarket app.

The applications allow you to view the store’s offer newspaper, as well as add the good offers to your shopping list, should you not forget them again. You do this simply by pressing the item as you browse through the online offer catalog.

Other items can also be added to your shopping list, where you can also give each item an estimated price. That way, the app calculates a price for you, which gives you a rough idea of ​​what your shopping trip will cost you.

Another advantage of the supermarket apps is that they allow you to make a weekly meal plan. Here you can take advantage of the offers that the supermarket runs with and be inspired to make healthy and cheap food in everyday life. Many of the applications also include recipes that make it even easier for you to decide what to eat.

Drop those expensive plastic bags

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Did you know that if you shop twice a week and every time you buy two large supermarket plastic bags, you spend DKK 520 on plastic bags every year? In addition to the large consumption of plastic by the Danes being harmful to the environment, there is also a considerable amount of money to spend on shopping bags.

Instead, be sure to have a canvas bag or net lying in your bag. By recycling and having a permanent shopping bag, you avoid being forced to buy the expensive plastic bags and at the same time you save on the environment. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about broken handles, best as you drag the bags home from the store.

Do you ever think about whether others will be able to use the stuff you throw away? Sometimes you may even be lucky enough that people will pay for your used items. We throw out 90,000 tons of clothing alone every year!

The Internet is flowing with smart sites and online trading markets where you as a consumer can exchange, sell and buy used items. Here you will find everything from clothes and shoes to electronics and vehicles. There is not that which cannot be recycled.

Most people are probably familiar with DBA and Trendsales, both of which can be traded or sold. In addition, there is QXL, where all purchases and sales take place through auction. Furthermore, there are websites like, where you can find the objects of the world free of charge, while others you can trade for.

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